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Belek Zoo

Belek Zoo with a beautiful name Bellis is small but very well maintained. It is worth visiting for everyone who came to rest with their children

Belek Zoo
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Belek Zoo is located within the Bellis Deluxe Hotel. Conveniently, it works every day and admission is free for everyone, not just residents.

Animals in Belek Zoo

Animals in Belek Zoo will amaze you with their quantity. Pink flamingos, proud pelicans and graceful swans, nestled in the shade of trees, in small ponds. Restless monkeys live in the enclosures next to them. Further, visitors are greeted by zebras, donkeys and ponies, which, by the way, can be ridden. Most kids will appreciate it. Belek Zoo even holds riding lessons for everyone.

There was also a place for kangaroos and ostriches in Belek Zoo, which with all their appearance show that they were waiting for a meeting with you. It is very interesting to observe and photograph them. Sheer pleasure not only for children, but also for adults who are not indifferent to animals. It's just nice to walk in the park - it's very clean and beautiful. Since the park is small, you won't have time to get tired and take a good look at all its inhabitants.

The only thing is that there are no marine animals in Belek Zoo. Therefore, if you want to see them, then it is best to go to the dolphinarium. Ideally, try Dolphin swimming in Belek . This is one of those excursions that will be remembered forever. You can go here with the whole family and get a powerful charge of impressions and positive emotions.