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Cave Zeytin Tash

The unique Zeytin Tash cave was formed 14 million years ago in a limestone rock. The thinnest stalactites on earth were discovered here, which continue to form to this day

Cave Zeytin Tash
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The Zeytin Tash cave is located 15 km north of the Serik resort, on the slope of the hill of the same name. It is easily accessible from Belek by car or bus, the journey will take no more than 30 minutes. Nearby is the village of Akbash, and on the way from Serik there are several signs. The road to the cave passes through agricultural fields, olive and orange groves, small Turkish villages, coniferous forests along the river. There are no cafes or shops nearby, so it's best to take everything you need with you.

Entrance to the Zeytin Tash cave is paid, 5 lira for an adult and 2.5 lira for a child. At the checkout, you will be given basic information, which is quite enough for the hike.

Zeytin Tash

Zeytin Tash cave, consisting of two connected galleries - the upper one, 136 meters long and the lower one, 97 meters. Only the upper hall is open for visiting, in order to preserve it. This is enough to enjoy the beauty.

Zeytin Tash Cave, translated from Turkish as Olive Cave, is filled with picturesque stone formations in the form of openwork needles. Their length reaches 70 cm, and the width of some does not exceed 3 cm. It is interesting that they are in the hall called Spaghetti.

The Zeytin Tash cave is one of the atypical attractions in the vicinity of Belek, but it is worth your attention. On our website you will find interesting excursions from Belek . Choose, book without prepayment and learn a lot about the versatile Turkey.