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Belek interesting places

All the most interesting places in Belek are collected here. It will be useful to read for those who are planning a trip to this resort or are already here

Belek interesting places
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Belek interesting places are concentrated at a short distance from each other, so it is quite possible to get around them on foot in a few days or by car in a day. And if you have time, then of course it is better not to gallop across all the sights at once, but to study them in more detail. After all, each of them has its own flavor. We will present interesting places in Belek to you further.

Belek Main Mosque

The main mosque of Belek is an example of traditional religious architecture with a dome in the center and two minarets. But, here the most attractive for tourists is a landscaped garden with a large multi-level waterfall. Located in the center of the resort.

Garden of Religions

The Garden of Religions is a beautiful place symbolizing tolerance and brotherhood of nations. Here, in the same courtyard, there is a mosque, a synagogue and a church. We recommend visiting even if you are an atheist. The area is surrounded by pine trees, which emanate a wonderful aroma. Here you can enjoy the silence, calmly reflect, find harmony. Open daily until 6 pm. Located within walking distance of The Land of Legends.

Belek interesting places are also presented below:

  • The central fountain in the village of Kadriye is a huge structure consisting of several bowls of different sizes. The fountain is lined with beige tiles and surrounded by a flower garden. It looks very picturesque. From the center of Belek to the village go about 7 km.
  • Kadriye Market is a huge bazaar, occupying several streets. And it is next to the previous attraction. But, it works on Tuesdays until 15.00. Kadriye Park is an ideal place to relax after shopping. There are many beautiful trees and benches here. Sculptures of animals are placed in the park. There are children's areas.
  • Disneyland Land of Legends - more than 60 rides and water slides, a surf pool, underwater safari, a tropical island and even an artificial volcano. In general, the park has something to surprise its visitors. Located 15 minutes walk from the park in Kadriye.
  • Hypnotics is an active recreation and extreme entertainment park. There are three lakes for wakeboarding, a skate park, trampoline jumping, beach volleyball, ping pong. And then you can relax in the sauna and jacuzzi.
  • The ancient city of Aspendos, where the Roman amphitheater is well preserved. Located 20 km from the center of Belek.

Belek is an interesting place, many of them are located outside of it, for example, Kurshunlu waterfall, Keprulu National Park and others. Excursions from Belek will reveal to you all the versatility of Turkey without the hassle and waste of time searching.