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Sights of Belek

Sights of Belek Antalya - Among the green areas of coniferous and eucalyptus forests, 35 kilometers from the airport of Antalya is located Belek - one of the most popular resorts in the province. Bright, dynamically growing, with developed infrastructure and a wide coastal zone of sandy shores. Its history as a tourist resort begins in 1984 and in less than 40 years it has managed to fall in love with holidaymakers.

Officially, the season lasts from May to October, but in fact, Belek welcomes its guests all year round, thanks to the mild Mediterranean climate. Spring is early, warm, in May the air temperature warms up to 25 in the afternoon and 14 at night, the water up to 20. Summer is hot and dry - 40 degrees on the thermometer column is a common occurrence. The velvet season is considered to be the autumn months, the sun becomes less aggressive, and the air and sea are well warmed.

The village is famous for its luxurious hotels, 200-year-old forests planted by the decree of Sultan Abdulaziz II, as well as a rich range of leisure services.

Belek's sights: what to see and where to go.

The Rixos Hotel and the Land of Legends theme park on its grounds can be called the hallmark of the city. Turkish Disneyland, with a total area of 63 hectares, is divided into a moon park and water park: 23 rides, 70 water slides, speed, drive and turns will appeal to everyone, from children to adults.

History buffs can go for a walk through the ancient ruins of the ancient cities of Aspendos and Perge, 20 to 30 kilometers from the center of the resort. The remains of fortresses, basilicas, agora, aqueduct, racetrack, stone bridge of the 13th century will tell about the once lush and rich life of these places.

The largest ancient theatre in the territory of the Republic of Turkey, where the legendary dance group "Lights of Anatolia" performed until 2016, cannot be ignored.

Kepryulu National Park, 60 kilometers from Belek, is a paradise for active and extreme recreation. Here you can enjoy the rich flora and fauna of the Mediterranean during horse-drawn walks, jeep rides, buggies and quad bikes, as well as try to tame the temper of the turbulent Kepyuchai River.