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Sea tours near Belek

Belek boat trips have a huge selection. Belek is comfortably located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, which is distinguished by its tranquility and peacefulness. The sun shines here almost all year round, from May to October it intensifies warming the azure water surface to a comfortable temperature, and the proximity of the Taurus Mountains protects the village from unwanted northern winds, creating ideal conditions for tourists who want to pay attention to sea excursions. Active, calm, educational, for adults and children, diving, sailing, fishing and swimming in the open sea.

Boat trips

Sea excursions in Belek Turkey have always attracted tourists during their summer holidays. Belek boat trips are no exception. For your attention, we present the most popular of them:

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Unlike scuba diving, snorkeling has no contraindications, it is a great opportunity to explore the deep-sea world with its diverse flora and fauna. Boat trips in Belek also mean this great activity, which every year more and more people fall in love with.

Belek has a lot of beautiful, secluded places, mysterious caves, which can only be reached by sea. Boat trips Belek will be a pleasant addition to your beach holiday.