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Garden of Religions in Turkey

The Garden of Religions in Turkey is located 9 km from Belek in the village of Kadriye. A Christian church, a Muslim mosque and a Jewish synagogue are harmoniously located on the compact territory

Garden of Religions in Turkey
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The Garden of Religions in Turkey was opened in 2004. This place encourages representatives of three different faiths to unite, regardless of their religion. Here you can pray in close proximity to each other, retaining ownership of your faith, but respecting others. The park attracts attention with its harmony, purity and the embodiment of friendship between the peoples of the world. In the very center, there are three statues of blue-winged peacocks that surround the pool, symbolizing religion. And around there are centuries-old pines, filling the air with a wonderful aroma of pine needles.

Territory of the Garden of Religions

The territory of the Garden of Religions has many flowering flower beds and benches where you can relax in the shade of trees and put your thoughts in order. A special atmosphere of warmth, love and harmony is felt here. The Garden of Religions in Turkey often come to be alone with themselves. It is always quiet and calm here. Some locals and seasoned travelers note that it is by visiting the garden of religions in Turkey that solutions to controversial issues, ideas for new projects or even insights come. Everyone has it differently. But, in the garden of religions in Turkey, you can come at least to just admire the surrounding beauty.

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