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Swimming with dolphins in Belek

Swimming with dolphins in Belek will make an unforgettable experience. You will be completely delighted with the close acquaintance with cute animals.

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Swimming with dolphins in Belek What you have to know

Tour days

every day

Tour hours

09:00 - 13:00


two-way transfer, insurance, wetsuit


photo/video shooting


bring your own bathing accessories

Swimming with dolphins in Belek Program

Transfer from hotel to swim with dolphins in Belek
Arrival at the dolphinarium
Detailed instruction and training
Swimming in the pool with animals (30 minutes)
Photo and video shooting on request (for an additional fee)
Return to the hotel

Swimming with dolphins in Belek

Swimming with dolphins in Belek is a lucky ticket to your dream! You will find great pleasure and incredible sensations that cannot be expressed in words!

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Swimming with dolphins in Belek Content of the trip

Swimming with dolphins in Belek is a great opportunity to meet the cutest mammals and turn a touching and beautiful dream into reality. On vacation in Turkey, such a gift will be the best for children and will delight their parents.

Dolphin therapy

Dolphin therapy is an unconventional method in medicine and it is no longer just swimming with dolphins, but the treatment of psychological disorders and other various diseases.

Swimming with dolphins in Belek is an interesting entertainment for children in Turkey and pleasant communication with the smartest animals, but also an unforgettable pleasure that will be remembered for a lifetime. The cutest dolphins will demonstrate their talents in front of you and conquer with fantastic energy. Everyone, when communicating with them, will receive a portion of magic and a sea of ​​kindness.

Swimming with dolphins in Turkey

Swimming with dolphins in Turkey according to accepted standards:

  • Before diving into the pool with mammals, each participant will be instructed on how to play, how to stroke, learn about all the features of the behavior of these intelligent animals. During the swim, the instructor is nearby and monitors the observance of safety measures.
  • Swimming with dolphins in Belek lasts 25-30 minutes, during which time there is an acquaintance, games and swimming. You can pet the animals, play with them in the water, hold the fin and ride on the back. Dolphins are friendly and enjoy contact with humans.
  • Sea animals love to be photographed in the water, the instructor will take beautiful memorable photographs, if desired, everyone can purchase them for an additional payment.

Children and adults alike enjoy the experience of being in the company of adorable sea creatures. This relieves accumulated stress and gives only positive and kindest emotions. No tourist will be disappointed by interacting with amazing animals.

Incredible fun and enjoyment of the marine life excursion dolphin show from Belek.

For a low price, swimming with dolphins in Belek is a great and unforgettable pleasure. You can buy an excursion online at the My Belek Tours travel agency right now by filling out the booking form on the tour page or by calling phone \ WhatsApp, the contact number is indicated on the main page of the official website.