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Where to go in Kadriye

Kadriye is not a large resort village in Turkey. Located near Belek and from Antalya Airport, just 29 km away.

Where to go in Kadriye
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Where to go in Kadriye, a question often asked by tourists. Kadriye is not a large resort village in Turkey. Located not far from Belek and Antalya airport, only 29 km. The resort is young, which is why it is actively developing with excellent hotels, clean beaches and coniferous scent of forests. The territory of the village is quite small, it is convenient to move around even on foot. In the mile of its small size, the question of where to go in Kadriye is always relevant.

Kadriye Beach

The beach in Kadriye is sandy, the entrance to the water is shallow, ideal for families with children. The sea is quiet and clean, there is practically no windy weather in this region since mid-May, the air temperature is + 27 ° C and the water temperature is + 22 ° C, it is quite comfortable for relaxing and swimming, the summer temperature lasts until November, which allows all tourists to enjoy summer even in autumn .

Tourists are wondering  Where to go and what to see in Kadriye ? Since Kadriye is a very small village, it is difficult to find historical monuments or ancient ruins here, but all vacationers recommend visiting the market. It is here that you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Turkish flavor. Buyers are offered absolutely everything: fresh berries and fruits, Turkish fabrics and carpets, silver and gold jewelry, souvenirs. Don't forget, the most important thing is the atmosphere.

Central fountain in Kadriye

The central fountain in Kadriye is also noteworthy. The fountain is surrounded by greenery, water flows from different bowls, and a powerful pressure of water gushes from the central bowl. This is a very aesthetic sight. Turtles is a two-meter stone sculpture of two amazingly cute turtles standing on their hind legs.

Kadriye Central Park

Kadriye Central Park - immersed in greenery, the park is the best place to relax, there are many playgrounds, benches and picnic areas. Fresh air and coolness from the shade of trees will bring relaxation to everyone. Kadriye is really a small village, but it is ideal for a quiet family vacation. It will help you to relax and recuperate, there is no need to rush anywhere, just sometimes it is worth stopping and enjoying the moment. This is the main direction when deciding where to go in Kadriye.

Where to go in Kadriye depends on your preferences. Our company has provided you with the main places.