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Parachute jump in Belek

Paragliding in Belek will make your dream come true if you want to soar like a bird over the beautiful coastline and gaze at the mountains from high above.

Parachute jump in Belek
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Paragliding in Belek will show you the picturesque beauty of the resort that can only be seen from above. When you fly on a paraglider, you don't hear the noise of the engine, and nothing distracts you from enjoying the beauty. What you need to contemplate nature! Paragliding in Belek does not require long training and good physical fitness. Start flying in just a few steps.

Paragliding in Belek

Paragliding in Belek is becoming more and more popular every year, we have an amazing paragliding excursion in Belek for you. This is a 25 minute flight over the Antalya coast from a separate launch site in Antalya. If you have not previously flown in this way, then you may have fears and a feeling of indecision, which will stop you on the way to your dream. Our paragliders are pre-checked before each flight and undergo regular maintenance. The paraglider is operated by an experienced pilot who will give you detailed instructions before flying. A smooth start, soft landing and unforgettable emotions await you.

The benefits of paragliding

The benefits of paragliding are really there, because psychologists say that paragliding in Belek or any other beautiful area clears our thoughts and frees up space for new bright ideas. Any problem turns into a grain of sand from a bird's eye view, seems insignificant or opens up many ways to solve it. Paragliding in Belek will bring you not only pleasure, but also benefit. We recommend that you practice this therapy more often. And the world around you will become brighter.