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Excursions in Bogazkent

Bogazkent is the youngest resort village 15 kilometers from Belek and located in the heart of the natural protected area "Bird Paradise"

Excursions in Bogazkent
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Excursions in Bogazkent are very diverse due to their geographical location.


Bogazkent is the youngest resort village 15 kilometers from Belek and located in the very center of the bird's paradise natural reserve zone, its beaches have long been chosen by the Caretta-Caretta sea turtles. The Turkish authorities are doing everything possible to preserve the ecosystem of the area. Not particularly developed infrastructure, clean coastline, convenient entry into the Mediterranean Sea, the proximity of the Taurus mountain range and a large number of deciduous and coniferous forests make it ideal for a quiet, unhurried family vacation. The beach season starts in May and ends in October. Summers are hot and dry, July and August are at their peak, reaching +40 degrees. Autumn months are considered the velvet season.

Excursions in Bogazkent can diversify the quiet life of tourists. For example, by jeeps and ATVs, you can go to conquer the mountain trails of the Taurus, stopping along the way at observation platforms at an altitude of 700 meters. Rafting on inflatable boats along the turbulent Kepryuchay river while rafting.

During the tour Green Canyon  curious travelers will take a yacht trip to the largest dam in the republic - the Oymapinar hydroelectric power station, along a huge artificial reservoir, whose area is 500 hectares, and the water temperature is always +12.

City of Perge

The city of Perge is perfect for history buffs. The ruins of the ancient ancient city of Perge, with well-preserved buildings of the hippodrome, aqueduct, agora and fortresses, 20 minutes drive from the village and the legendary Roman theater of Aspendos, which in the past could accommodate 27 thousand spectators, are cordially waiting for you.

Excursions in Bogazkent can also be with a historical direction. Historical trips include tours to Cappadocia for 2 and 3 days, a 2-day excursion to Pamukkale Ephesus, allowing you to admire the amazing geological and archaeological sights of these places; fly in a hot air balloon during dawn over the various valleys of Cappadocia and plunge into the healing, mineral springs of Cotton Castle.

Excursions in Bogazkent are also calculated for the smallest guests of the country. Children will love the Anatolian Oceanarium, Dolphinarium and Aquapark, with a variety of water slides, pools and animators.