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Belek beaches

Belek beaches stretch along the entire twenty kilometer coastline. All beaches of Belek delight with their cleanliness, well-groomed and well-developed infrastructure.

Belek beaches
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Belek beaches almost all have the proud status of Blue Flag for its environmental friendliness and beauty. This is because they are located on the territory of natural reserves. A wide coastline surrounded by pine and eucalyptus forests beckons to visit them. The comfortable water temperature allows you to enjoy swimming from May to October. The gentle entrance to the water attracts vacationers with small children here. Belek's beaches are mostly sandy, composed of coarse or fine sand. Equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and all modern equipment. As entertainment, they offer parasailing, windsurfing, riding bananas, buns, catamarans, boats, scooters and other types of water transport. Belek beaches will be described in more detail below.

Belek Beach Area

The beach area of ​​Belek is divided into three parts: Central Beach, Kadriye and Bogazkent. The central city beach occupies almost 10 km, and this is half of the entire beach strip. It stretches from the river in the eastern part of the resort to the Selectum Luxury Resort. On the other side of the hotel to the west, like a reflection of Central, is the Kadriye beach. They are very similar. Along the entire length, white soft sand, a convenient entrance into the water with a smoothly increasing depth. There are breakwaters and piers with ladders for diving. The only difference is that there are practically no shops and eateries like Bistro along the coastline of Kadriye. Interestingly, just a kilometer north of this beach is the largest golf club in the Middle East.

Bogazkent Beach

Bogazkent beach is quiet. There are no noisy discos and entertainment here. But, in beauty, it is in no way inferior to its neighbors. Any beach holiday can be diversified by a boat trip on individual yacht . Choose your route and relax with your beloved friends and family. What could be better? Enjoy your holiday.

Belek beaches are worth your attention, even if you are staying in another city.