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Perge-Aspendos-Kurshunlu tour from Belek

Excursion Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek, a great opportunity to visit two ancient cities of Turkey in one day. You will get acquainted with ancient architecture, walk through the national park.

Perge-Aspendos-Kurshunlu tour from Belek Excursion price



Children (4 - 8 )


Infants (0 - 3)


antique city,national park,waterfall,ancient city ruins

Perge-Aspendos-Kurshunlu tour from Belek What you have to know

Tour days

Every day

Tour hours

09:00 — 19:00


Transfer, insurance, English-speaking guide, lunch


Drinks, entrance tickets to Perga and Kurshunlu National Park


Take with you comfortable clothes and shoes, water, sunscreen, money for personal expenses

Perge-Aspendos-Kurshunlu tour from Belek Program

Collection of tourists from hotels in Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek
Visit to the national park and picturesque waterfall
Trip and sightseeing antique city (amphitheater, Roman baths, street with columns, ruins of buildings and structures)
Stop for lunch at a local cafe
Travel to the ancient city of the Side region (ruins of an aqueduct, arch bridge, amphitheater, basilica)
Return of tourists to hotels

Perge-Aspendos-Kurshunlu tour from Belek

Excursion Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek, this is an interesting tour of historical places, acquaintance with the ancient cities and ancient ruins. You will visit a picturesque park with a beautiful waterfall.

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Perge-Aspendos-Kurshunlu tour from Belek Content of the trip

Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek is a journey through ancient cities, picturesque places. This tour is suitable for all ages and will be of interest to every tourist.

Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu tour program

Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu the tour program includes a visit to the ancient city of Perge, which was very rich in its time. Aspendos, which was founded 10 years before our era and its dawn began only after the Roman conquest. You will visit the natural park, Kursunlu waterfall, amphitheater, stadium, ruins of the city walls, Roman baths, streets of the ancient city.

Excursion Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek is a walk through the ruins of the city, which will make an exciting and unforgettable experience, and you can feel like a resident of this area. Reviews of tourists describe this tour in this way. We will visit the arch bridge, see the basilica and the acropolis, you will have free time and the opportunity to photograph the amphitheater from a height, and opposite the amphitheater, we will see the largest stadium in Anatolia, which was designed for more than ten thousand people. The entire perimeter of the stadium was lined with columns and vaults, several arches served as a passage, the rest served as outlets and even to our time, the names of the shops have been preserved.


Aspendos is an ancient city with well-preserved cultural monuments. As part of the Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu excursion from Belek, you can see the theater of the Romans, which has stood on this land for over 1800 years. Having seen the ancient buildings, you can imagine how the people of that time lived because the ancient buildings will convey their unforgettable atmosphere as much as possible. Thanks to our English-speaking guide, you will learn the history of each place in great detail.

Excursion Perge-Aspendos-Kursunlu from Belek will give you an excellent opportunity to feel the atmosphere that prevailed before our era and the preserved ones will help you in this: stadiums, bridges, arches and alleys. The oldest ruins and architectural monuments will take you to the era of the ancient world.

If you come on vacation to Turkey with children and do not know how to entertain them, we suggest you visit Belek Water Park. A lot of fun and excitement awaits you!

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