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Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek

Salda Lake Pamukkale from Belek is a tour that will take you to the Turkish Maldives and Pamukkale white terraces, Hierapolis amphitheater and the famous Cleopatra pool. Excursion to Salda Lake with Pamukkale from Belek is organized by our company without shopping. Salda Lake Turkey is one of the preferred tours

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Children (4 - 8 )


Infants (0 - 3)


turkish maldives,thermal springs,hierapolis,cleopatra pool,cotton castle

Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek What you have to know

Tour days

Every day

Tour hours



Transfer, insurance, english-speaking guide, breakfast, lunch, dinner


Personal expenses, drinks, entrance ticket to the terraces of Pamukkale, entrance ticket to the ancient city of Hierapolis, entrance to Lake Salda


Bathing accessories, sun protection, money

Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek Program

Transfer of the guests from the hotels for excursion Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek
First stop for breakfast at a restaurant
Arrival to Pamukkale, a visit to the snow-white travertine terraces - a unique natural attraction and a real wonder of nature
Excursion with an English guide in the territory of Pamukkale national park
Free time walk through the ancient city of Hierapolis, visit the impressive antique theatre, which is perfectly preserved, ancient streets, square, ruins of buildings, and a necropolis with real ancient tombs
Bathing in the Cleopatra Pool (warm thermal springs, which are considered curative due to the unique composition of the water)
Stop for lunch at a local restaurant ( buffet)
Arrival on the picturesque Salda Lake 
Free time on Salda Lake Turkey, which is called the Turkish Maldives, a walk on the white shore, photos, mud baths made of real healing clay, swimming in the purest lake
Completion of the Belek to Pamukkale tour with the Salda lake
Departure from the territory
Stop for dinner on the road at a local restaurant (buffet)
Return to Belek and transfer participants back to their hotels

Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek

Excursion to Salda lake and Pamukkale from Belek, will show the real Turkish Maldives. You will also visit the thermal springs and learn the interesting history of these places. All Inclusive Salda Lake Tour from Belek with Pamukkale is a unique trip that gives you plenty of time to swim in both the natural attractions and the free walk.

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Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek Content of the trip

Salda lake Pamukkale from Belek is a unique chance to visit an amazing place where transparent blue water almost merges with the sky, and the sand is so white that it even blinds your eyes. If you have not visited Pamukkale during your entire stay in Turkey, then you can safely say that you have not seen the country. Excursion to Salda lake with Pamukkale from Belek reviews of tourists and photos can be found on our official website or any tourism blogs.

Fascinating lake Salda and Pamukkale from Belek 1 day program without shopping will give you only positive emotions with their picturesque landscapes, clear water, snow-white coast and incredible silence. Our program runs every day during the summer season. On the tour, the first place to visit is Salda Lake in Turkey. After the necessary information from the English-speaking guide, you will have free time for a souvenir photo and swimming. Then We will head to the city of Denizli where is located one of the world's eight wonders. In the Pamukkale after the guided excursion, the visitors will be given free time for swimming in the snow-white travertines, optionally Cleopatra pool and a free walk in the vast area of the ancient city of Hierapolis, a visit to the fantastic amphitheatre that will take you back to ancient times.

History buffs should also visit Turkey's other incredible sights, such as Cappadocia, where traces of human civilization can be found. Excursion to Cappadocia is organized according to the program of 2 or 3 days.

Salda Lake Turkey

Salda Lake Turkey is also known as the Turkish Maldives thanks to its water, sand and stunning views. Here is one of the most attractive natural attractions of the country, attracting not only tourists but also researchers from all over the world. This lake of volcanic origin is fresh and the bluest in the whole country. Turkish Maldives from Belek is an informative tour, which is carried out on modern air-conditioned buses. Salda lake Belek's distance is about 200 km. Lake Salda is located near Pamukkale, an hour and a half drive from the "Cotton Castle".

Pamukkale Tour from Belek

Pamukkale Tour From Belek all-inclusive program are truly the eighth wonder of nature, which has no analogues in the world and amazes with its beauty.
Advatages of the this excursion

  • Having bathed in local thermal springs, you will acquire a huge charge of beneficial and healing effects of the whole body. Visiting snow-white terraces with thermal springs. They were formed more than four thousand years ago after a strong earthquake, when water rich in various minerals, including calcium, began to evaporate strongly under the influence of temperature.
  • In addition to the sources in Pamukkale, there are a lot of various architectural monuments and, of course, the ancient city. We will also visit the ancient city called Hierapolis, which has its own interesting history and has preserved a huge number of monuments of ancient times, such as the majestic amphitheater, which accommodated more than 12 thousand spectators.
  • The program is held without visiting Shopping centers, so you will have more spend time here for swimming. Salda Lake Tour with Pamukkale from Belek is a combined tour

Pamukkale to Salda lake

By booking Salda Lake From Belek and Pamukkale Trip with us, be sure you will never regret it. These places are one of the must visitable places. After visiting the white terrace our trip will continue from Pamukkale to Salda lake.
Excursion Salda lake with Pamukkale from Belek price includes breakfast, dinner and lunch. Also all entrance tickets to the sights. Only Cleopatra pool is extra at will. Salda lake and Pamukkale from Belek will make your holiday unforgettable. You can book excursions at My Belek Tours travel agency by filling out the booking form in the tour you like. Book now, and pay on the tour!