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İsrael from Belek

Excursion to Israel from Belek will give you a unique opportunity to visit the city where ancient history and modernity meet, the capital of three religions - Jerusalem.

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Children (7 - 12 )


Infants (0 - 6)


Jerusalem,Wailing Wall,Dead Sea

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03:00 - 24-00


Transfers, flights, insurance, a english-speaking guide with a historical education, entrance tickets to the sights, lunch and dinner in the restaurant


Personal expenses


Bathing accessories, money, sun protection, water.

İsrael from Belek Program

Collection of tourists from hotels in Israel from Belek
Arrival at Antalya airport, check-in
Arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, meeting with your guide
Departure to Jerusalem
Breakfast at the cafe
Guided tour of ancient Bethlehem (the city of Nativity of Christ, the Church of the Nativity, a shop of Christian souvenirs)
Walking tour of ancient Jerusalem (Church of the Resurrection, tour of the Way of the Cross, entry to Calvary, an inspection of the Anointing Stone)
Excursion to the Temple Mount (picturesque panorama, Western Wall, etc.)
Dead Sea bathing
Dinner at a cafe
Arrival at Tel Aviv airport and return flight to Antalya
Return to hotels

İsrael from Belek

Excursion to Israel from Belek, an unforgettable journey that everyone should make at least once in their life.

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İsrael from Belek Content of the trip

Israel from Belek is an excursion that will give you the opportunity to feel all the mysterious and fascinating secrets of Israel. This tour annually attracts many tourists with its unusual beauty of ancient shrines and historical architecture with centuries of history.

Excursion to Israel from Belek starts right from the door of your hotel, from where you will be taken to Antalya airport. After a soft landing, you will find yourself on the sacred ground in the city of Jerusalem, where you will be met by our licensed English-speaking guide-historian, who will lead the entire fascinating journey with you, from start to finish.

Excursion program to Israel

The program of excursions to Israel will give you the opportunity to stroll along the streets of the ancient world, plunge into the Dead Sea, visit one of the most ancient cities of Jerusalem, walk along the streets of the holy city of Bethlehem, in which each the place has its own separate history. Also in Bethlehem, you will be greeted by many interesting local attractions. An excursion to Israel from Belek will take you to the place of Nativity, where, according to legends, Jesus was born and the Basilica of the Temple of the Nativity. After walking, there will be some free time to visit the shop and buy Christian souvenirs.

We also invite you to visit the historical tour to Istanbul from Belek. The most important sights of the legendary city are waiting for you.

After Bethlehem, we will return to Jerusalem and walk through the streets of the city, you will visit the Church of the Resurrection of Christ, walk along the Way of the Cross, along which Jesus walked to Calvary, you will see the Garden of Gethsemane and Stone of the Anointing, which according to legend has healing properties, climb the Temple Mount, from where you will have a magnificent view. Visit the Wailing Wall, climb Mount Zion, visit the tomb of King David and the chamber of the Last Supper - this and much more will await you on the Israel excursion from Belek. The excursion is very exciting and interesting with its unforgettable power and atmosphere of the last century.

Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is a place that almost all people on earth have heard about, it does not need a special introduction, but it is definitely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. At the end of the tour, you will visit the Dead Sea. The water here is so salty that it is impossible to drown in it, and you will see for yourself. After swimming in the sea, a hearty dinner awaits you, Ben Gurion airport, an hour flight and return to Belek hotels.

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