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Belek Buggy safari

Belek Buggy safari an entertaining journey in Turkey awaits lovers of extreme, adrenaline and picturesque landscapes. Every moment of the excursion is filled with vivid emotions and adventures.

Belek Buggy safari Excursion price





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Belek Buggy safari What you have to know

Tour days

Every day

Tour hours

10:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00


round way transfer, insurance, English guide-instructor, necessary equipment, buggy safari


professional photo/video shooting, personel expenses


water on the road, preferably dark clothes, so as not to be sorry to get dirty, handkerchief. Recommended sports-style clothing and shoes, which are not sorry to get dirty

Belek Buggy safari Program

Transfer of participants from the hotel for Belek buggy safari
Arrival at the starting point of the tour
Briefing about the program, safety rules, training - 20 minutes
Beginning of a 15-minute test drive before going off-road
Start buggy tour Belek 
The program is designed for an hour and a half on the road from 20 km of self-driving.
A 20-minute break for rest anf photos will be provided during the safari tour.
Completion the program and return to base
Transfer of participants to hotels back 

Tourists till 17 years of age are not allowed to drive, they can try a trip accompanied by an adult, choosing 1 buggy for two. It is also forbidden to take the phone and use it on the tour. Also, it is forbidden to participate in this trip of people with non-compliance with the rules of the program, pregnant women and persons in a state of intoxication.

Belek Buggy safari

Belek Buggy safari will give you an incredible feeling and the opportunity to get to know Turkish nature better.

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Belek Buggy safari Content of the trip

Belek Buggy safari will give you vivid emotions and feelings of real freedom.

Fans of extreme sports have a great opportunity to rush behind the wheel of four-wheeled buggy cars along an interesting route in Turkey. An unforgettable entertaining journey, indescribable emotions, adrenaline and a complete break awaits you!

Buggy safari in Turkey

Buggy safari in Turkey goes along trails among coniferous forests, along dusty paths, where there are steep descents and ascents, sharp turns and mud sections along the way. You will go to the mountains, overcoming rugged places along picturesque roads where simply breathtaking beauty, from the purest mountain air and spray of cold mountain rivers.

You also need to know about the buggy safari in Belek:

  • Adults are allowed to operate, adolescents from 14 years old can independently manage. Children from six years old sit with their parents.
  • Before starting the route, a safety briefing is given, each participant undergoes a test drive at a special site.
  • What to wear: Your clothing should be lightweight and comfortable in a sporty style. Take clothes that you do not mind getting dirty, dust and dirt will leave their mark on your clothes. Headgear and sunglasses will also provide dust protection.

The buggy safari tour in Belek provides stops at the lake, if desired, participants can cool off in the water. A stop in the forest where evergreen trees grow will be an excellent location for unique photographs. During the trip, you will find a dizzying trail and enjoy the amazing nature of Turkey.

Buggy Cars

Buggy cars are small and light off-road vehicles designed for driving on forest and mountain trails, off-road and difficult terrain. The machines are very easy to operate, yet they have excellent stability and high flexibility for maneuvering. The car is designed for one or two people. These cars are considered the safest than for example Belek Quad Safari unlike ATVs, the buggy has seat belts, so such an excursion can be safely planned for families with children.

The route is accompanied by an experienced instructor who is always ready to help in any situation. No previous experience is required to drive cars, no driver's license is required. The price of the buggy safari tour in Belek includes medical insurance, test drive, instruction, guide-instructor accompaniment, equipment rental, buggy rental.

It is very easy to buy excursions in Belek at the local travel agency My Belek Tours: choose a tour, fill in the information in the application form on the page of the desired excursion. In a few minutes, our managers will contact you to confirm your order. You can order a tour by calling Viber \ Whatsapp, our operators are in touch around the clock and will always help with booking.