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Antalya city tour from Belek

During the Antalya city tour from Belek, you will learn the history of the capital of the Mediterranean, ancient, associated with the Roman Empire and Byzantium, and a new one, because it was this city that stood in the national liberation movement of Ataturk.

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Children (6 - 11 )


Infants (0 - 5)


kaleici old town,tyunektepe cable car,duden waterfall

Antalya city tour from Belek What you have to know

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transfers from the hotel and back, insurance, English guide, lunch, waterfall, boat tour,


drinks, personal expenses, Antalya Cable car


comfortable clothes and shoes, water, sunglasses and glasses, hats

Antalya city tour from Belek Program

Transfer of participants from hotels to Antalya sightseeing tour from Belek
A visit to Karpuzkaldiran waterfall.
Arrival at the gift shop
Excursion to the famous Duden waterfall and free time.
Stop for a lunch break
After lunch, a boat trip will begin, which includes the cost of the tour.
Optionally, you can try the Antalya cable car - Tunektepe funicular. (2 days a week)
Sightseeing tour of Antalya Old Town or Kaleici - 1.5 hours of free time
Completion of the guided excursion Antalya city from Belek
Transfer of participants to hotels back

Antalya city tour from Belek

Excursion Antalya from Belek will show you the most beautiful and significant places in the city. You will walk through the Old Town, see a waterfall and take the cable car up the mountain.

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Antalya city tour from Belek Content of the trip

Excursion Antalya from Belek will pleasantly please you with the price. This is an amazing opportunity to have a good and profitable vacation day. Visit an ancient city with a particularly warm oriental atmosphere with its own history.

Distance from Belek to Antalya

The distance from Belek to Antalya will be about 40 kilometers. But you will absolutely not feel it, because the Antalya excursion from Belek will take place on comfortable transfers, which are equipped with everything you need for your trip. Our tour will start from the observation deck, where an amazing view of the powerful and beautiful Duden waterfall opens up to your eyes, which flows directly into the sea from a height of 40 meters. A natural landmark, combined with many winding paths in the parking area, walking paths, a playground, will give you a pleasant time here. Sightseeing tour of Antalya from Belek, reviews of which can be viewed on tourist forums, offers you a very interesting and rich program where you can see and visit a huge number of interesting places.

Next, we will move on to the cable car, where you can see the whole city from above.

Mount Tahtali

Mount Tahtali height, which is 618 meters above sea level, will open magnificent landscapes of the coast and mountains to lovers of magnificent panoramic views. How to get there and find out the address from local citizens, but this is in the case of an independent visit. When traveling with a group, transfer and the funicular ticket are included in the price of our tour.

Continuing the excursion you will be able to see historical monuments and a huge number of buildings of antiquity, but many of them, unfortunately, are very poorly preserved to our times. You will visit such sights as the city port, the Ataturk monument, Republic Square, the Clock Tower, the unique Hadrian's Gate. You will have the opportunity to see the famous Antalya minarets: Kesik minaret and Yivli minaret.

The old town in Antalya Kaleici, photos, reviews and what to see will be suggested by tourist portals. But you will see the main attractions as part of our sightseeing tour. The map clearly shows that this is the heart of Antalya, the oldest historical quarter of the city and a must-see place. Here you will simultaneously touch the history, learn a lot about the country and see impressive ancient buildings.

We also invite you to Rent a boat in Belek, it will be a wonderful sea journey and a fun trip for you and your loved ones.

After a fascinating excursion of Antalya from Belek and a walk through the old city, you will have a pleasant sea voyage on a yacht along the coastline in order to visit and see in more detail all the interesting places and get a little closer to the culture of the country.